Totale Refractories (2010)
Scope: ‘Design and Development, Manufacture and Supply of Refractory Materials like Castables, Ramming Masses, Mortars, Pre-cast Shapes and Acid Proof Material’

Totale Refractories is a brand of Pinc Group, specialized in manufacturing and marketing world-class monolithics and precast shapes. It is our goal to eternally supply highly dependable & trouble free products and to serve all our clients with professionalism. The products manufactured by Totale Refractories speak for it-self on its outstanding quality and fine performance. Through these two years of supply, Totale Refractories has seen extraordinary demand for its products which in-turn has increased the design and production rate through multiple times its actual, every year.
Prior to Totale refractories, Pinc Group bought out its refractory products from Tata Refractories. Now, along with Tata refractory products, Pinc Group supplies its own refractory products which set in operation since January 2010.