Product Design & Development
Product design & development at Pinc Group can be segregated into four stages as ‘Analysis – Experiment – Development – Launch’. Through these stages, we identify the needs of customers and, organize and manage all activities that are essential to bring new products to a state of market acceptability and continuous availability.
Our refractory product brands include:
Series of conventional low cement, ultra low cement, self flow, gunning, non-wetting, and insulating castables for wide range of applications from 30% to 97% alumina, Fe2o3 as low as 0.1 and Bulk Density ranging from 0.35 to 3.05

Series of basic ramming mass, high alumina mass, gunning mass, tap hole clay etc.

Series of quartzite based ramming mass.

Series of air setting and ceramic setting mortars for dense and insulation brick lining in 30-95% alumina.

Series of precast and prefired blocks in low cement and ultra low cement castables to meet specific requirement of clients.

Our construction chemicals products are branded under the prefix name of ‘CERA’. To view the complete product profile of our construction chemicals, please click here.