Cera Chem. Pvt Ltd., (1992)
Scope: ‘Manufacturing and Marketing of Construction Chemicals’

Cera Chem Pvt Ltd is one of the first truly Indian Construction Chemicals manufacturers, prominent in the industry for two decades. The product ranges of Cera Chem comprises of products for almost every conceivable high performance chemical requirement of buildings & construction (homes, swimming pools, basements, highways, bridges, multiplexes, etc.), and repair industries.

Cera Chem products are manufactured under stringent quality control using ingredients sourced indigenously as well as imported. The Cera Chem product profile covers concrete, admixtures, waterproofing systems, industrial grouts, anti-corrosive coatings, protective / decorative coatings, concrete repair products, industrial floorings, concrete surface treatments, tile adhesives, joint fillers, joint sealant, vibration pad and range of epoxy flooring systems.