Policies & Culture
Quality Policy
Pinc Group is committed to provide quality products and services that meet and exceed all its customers’ requirements every time. We are also committed to continuous improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of our business activities.

Health and Safety policy
Pinc Group is committed to provide a safe working environment for its employees, suppliers and customers. All employees are urged to follow safety standards and clean health practices in the place of work.

Culture at Pinc Group
Pinc Group is supported by a wild and proactive workforce wherein every task is accepted willingly as an opportunity to serve and satisfy our customers.

Our R & D staffs are pioneers as they contribute to being the nucleus among all assets. They have gained the trust of new customers by formulating and manufacturing such eminent products that are scarce to find. Our researchers are exclusively responsible for the unique formulations and design that make Totale Refractories and Cera Chem out of the ordinary.
In this world of unexpected change, the driving force to Pinc Group’s competitive survival is its marketing team. Our marketers are by nature equipped with talent and patience that has helped our special products reach numerous visionary clients. We are committed to ensuring that Pinc Group transforms the way each customer views this company from just merely knowing Pinc Group into being undoubtedly determined to buying the products of Pinc Group. Each new formulation and design has the power to make us happy. We do everything in our ability to ensure that each new design turns out to be a remarkable success.

We tutor our workforce to be highly analytical, prompt decision makers and extremely attentive. We provide a secure working environment for all our employees and encourage them to follow safety standards and clean health practices in the place of work.