Installation / Application
With our vast experience in Refractory Installation, we have experts in the field of design who prepare the installation procedures for our customers. These procedures cover the core aspects of installation including
a. Lining Instructions:
  • Procedure for lining (castables and bricks)
  • Installation and inspection
b. Quality Assurance Plan
  • Our quality assurance plan consists of methods to verify that all parameters in all installation activities are executed as per their defined procedure and acceptance criteria with reference to the equipment drawings.
c. Dry Out Schedules
Construction Chemicals
The Application methodology followed by our Construction Chemicals projects personnel consists of a quality assurance plan which involves the means to verify that chemical application is as per the defined instructions.
Acid Proof Lining
Our acid proof lining services include a quality assurance plan and execution on turn key basis that ensures excellent corrosion resistance in various industries.